Fat Bike, Trails

Sunday among pines

Kevin from the UK been spending a couple of weeks up here again. After driving around the northern parts of Sweden, Norway and Finland for a few weeks he stayed a few days at our hose.

On Sunday we went for a spin out on the trails by the airport and beyond. It´s been a while since I’ve been riding here. But i need to go more often the trails are so good. Miles and miles of lovely single track among the pines. We hooked up with Sven and went playing around for a few hours.

There is a big sand quarry right in the middle, good fun to rip down the sand slopes with the fat bikes. This forest is old seabed and very sandy at some parts. Perfect conditions for the fattys.

We went to a little shallow lake, such beautiful place for coffee break and bike talk. This is the best thing with riding bikes. You get all this new friends, if it weren’t for fat bikes i´d never met these two guys.

Now Kevin is on the plane back, he´ll be back in a few months, I’m sure i think this was his eight visit here and me and Sven is going to Björkliden this weekend with a few other lovely bike friends.


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