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Christmas gift??? Problem solved.

I got a quite tough six year old girl. She likes skateboarding, cycling and kick bikes. She’s the hardest one i the family to buy presents to. The average kids toys just end up lying around the house. The dollhouse she got a couple of years ago is donated to her baby brother. She wants a BMX but are a bit to little to handle it. She always steels her baby brothers small bike and loves to play around with it! I´ve been searching the web for a smaller BMX around 16″-18″ and found a few but not quite good enough. Then this cool thing from Rocker BMX turned up in my feed.

How awesome is that! We sure will be rocking in the skate hall this winter. You can get them from
And best of all. I can borrow it from time to time… =)

7 thoughts on “Christmas gift??? Problem solved.”

    1. Haha… Sorry mate.
      But aren’t they adorable. Best thing, you can borrow it yourself from the kids. 😉

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