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And… I´m back

So, i´ve had a few weeks of. Crazy summer heat in Sweden and i loaded up the family for a road trip in the old Corolla.
la familia
We rode about 330 miles (metric) through our beautiful country. The goal was Apelviken outside Varberg on the Swedish west coast. I´m just a surfer by soul. Not much waves up here in Swedish Lapland. But my old friends from childhood who lived down there for 15 years are.
Jock o Nick
We knew they were staying there with their families in campers by the beach. After three days on the road we arrived to beautiful Apelviken. surfmat
We stayed for six nights living the easy life on the beach in a tent.
The surf was not up but we still had an amazing time by the sea. Skimborading, swimming, eating and drinking. The kids were up all night chasing rabbits. My only regret was that i did not brouhgt the fat bike. There were miles of sand dunes to explore. But on the other hand. This was a quality time with the family.

It has by all means been an amazing summer up here and the time off has been inspiring, lots of cool stuff in the making. First of all we are recording a new pod on sunday, should be out next week on Mountain bike radio and we are also planning another roadtrip up north with bikes and kayaks. We will also get a visit from Kevin who was up here last winter. So a lot of fun stuff in the making, plus i got something going on with the awesome guys over att but more on that later on. Need to chat with uncle Gomez some more… =)

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