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Both me and The Lars took the easter weekend off and went to different places on the country side. I took the family and went to Lassbyn to visit my dear friends Fredrik and Anna. Fredrik runs the fabulus Aurora Safari Camp by the river of Råneå. My Mukluk also tagged along and i got the last ice ride for this winter. Fredrik went kite surfing. A little film is coming shortly. I also had a little “official” chat with him about a future fat bike summit around the arctic circle. More on that in the next episode of the Podcast.


The Lars took his new Mukluk and went to lovley Överkalix. He had his first proper trail ride on his fat bike. I guess he was pretty pleased.

Now i´m stuck at work and it´s a bit slow so i´m goofing around the internet and fond this clip from Transition. I love the Klunker philosophy. Lately i´ve been stoked by the new full suss Salsa Bucksaw. But perhaps this is all you need to have a good time.
About $500 of pure fun…

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Bike Life In Swedish Lapland On Mountain Bike Radio


Thank you so much Kevin. This post means the world to me. You’re the best. I really hope we meet some day and go ride our bikes together.

Originally posted on TweedTelegraph:

Bike Life in Swedish Lapland is a blog that I have really been enjoying and following for some time now and I have found a lot of inspiration from the creator Olov and his love for fat bikes and cycling in general.  Even though I live in a place with somewhat of a similar climate to the Swedish Lapland (at least the winters are as long anyways) and certainly have tons of snow, there really isn’t a big fat biking community here yet and in some great way I follow Olov’s adventures on his Mukluk and through that I have a companion, a true fat bike companion.  Even though we have never spoken to one another personally, never met, I feel that through fat biking and cycling as a whole I have a kindred spirit from very far away and much farther north.  I have always been fascinated by Scandinavia…

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We´re on the air baby

I can’t believe we did it. But we did! Our first episode of Bike Life in Swedish Lapland the pod cast is on the air on Mountain bike radio. Its our first staggering steps as pod casters. We went along and just did it. This first episode is trail and error for me and The Lars, an introduction of us and getting to know the pod cast media and tech. In the future we will have more segments and better organization, probably more beer to. I am so grateful to get this opportunity from Ben at MTBR. Its a dream come true to do radio for me. Still its super hard to do in english. Writing is one thing, but talk for 30 minutes is some thing else.

You can stream or down load on www.mountainbikeradio.com or get the FREE app for IOS Appstore Android Google-play or Android Amazon

What the hell! Just click here and listen to MTBR dammit! =)


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Episode #0, It´s a wrap

We are finally done with the first episode of our Podcast. A few days ago we recorded at Lars work and since then i´ve been trying to edit it all together. It´s been kind of hard to get to learn garageband and get all the clips in order. We call our first episode “Trail and error” because thats how we did it. But now it´s done and i´ve sent the file over to Ben at Mountain bike radio and hopefully he likes it. I´m sure we will be getting better as we go along. It´s really fun to do radio, a dream come true for me. I will of course post on the blog when it´s out on the air.

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That’s Blinging Fat!


Now thats one sexy Mukluk! Well done Slam69!

Originally posted on Slam69 Blog:


So we take a sweet Salsa Mukluk frame and forks and…

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Salsa taking the lead with the BUCKSAW

There has been a lot of fuzz about the new Fat bike sus fork from Rock Shox on the web lately. Borealis and Rocky mountain is releasing new front suspension models that looks really great.
But then a newsletter from awesome Salsa cycles hits the inbox. Introducing the Bucksaw!
Back in 2012 Mike “Kid” Riemer told us about a prototype full suspension fat bike.

I´ll guess they have been busy since then…
Personally i´ve been against suspension on fat bikes. Suspension works bad in -30°c as do hydraulic breaks. The beauty of fat bikes is the simplicity.
However i might reconsider because this bike looks pretty damn awesome!
It´s built around their proven split pivot system that´s used on the Spearfish and Horsethief. The feeling i get is to use the rigid Mukluk for cold winter riding and touring. But this baby is for single track summer shredding, big mountain ripping or just plain fun trail riding. Hence Bucksaw summer fun, Muk winter fun.

Well done Salsa! Read all about it HERE!


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Fat bike gospel at the Icehotel

A few weeks ago the fabulous Icehotel invited us to their ice harvest festival. When their season moving to an end they harvest the ice in the river. The ice will be used in next years hotel. The harvest is a day on the ice with happenings, kites, barbecue, dogsleds, snow mobiles and this year, Fat bikes. Icehotel is an international success with 50 000 visitors each season. Im very proud to get the invitation. I gathered a few fat bike friends and we headed up to Jukkasjärvi just outside Kiruna.
We had no idea what to expect. Turns out the fat bikes were very popular (no surprise really) and a lot of people tried our bikes with big smiles as result. It´s the classic fat bike effect.

Here a little film from the trip.

After a few hours of fat bike demo we got a guided tour in the hotel. 68 rooms all different made by various artists. Different every year. The hotel doesn’t look like more the an big igloo from the outside. But once you get inside its just stunning…
The main hall
All rooms are different form each other
Awesome snow ornaments on the walls
Yes, they have a bar

I really hope the we can come back and help out with more cycling/fat bike related adventures next year.
Thanks for having us.


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Ride in style

ViTre_webA few weeks ago we had a photo session for our shop. Me and my brother been running it since 1997. Being a small business we’re doing everything by our selfs – retail, marketing, cleaning and so on… A few years ago we decided to make our own advertising pics. We don’t afford a fancy advertising agency. But hiring a good photographer like Ztudio.se and with a little help from friends we made it happen. Our local fashion pics was a success. This spring i decided to take my Singular Peregrine along as an accessory. It sure is one stylish bicycle. I think it work out pretty awesome.
Ride in style2



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Having a bad day.
Then i saw this.
Now i´m happy again.

Got to love these guys.

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Pimp my Muk´Part II. Get One up

The One Up rear sprocket and front Raceface wide/narrow chain ring has being waiting to get assembled for a while now. Early spring has made me run the Singular Peregrine to work the last couple of weeks and the Muk been resting. However, heavy snow fall last night made me stay up late installing the new drive train. The One up sprocket sure is a super upgrade. 20140321-133919.jpg
Make me run 1×10 without loosing the low gear. Super easy to install and works like a charm. Combined with the new wheels the Muk is one mean machine! It was a blast to ride to work. Lunch break was also dedicated to ride. I met up with Andreas and bumped around some wood trails. He brought the Gopro. I´ll post a film if he get it edited.

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