Bay of Bothnia Fat Bike Summit

I´ve been contacted by a few people around the globe who wants to come and ride on the ice with us up here. So i just thought we would do a little unofficial fat bike summit. The plan is to do a few ice rides the days around the race day. Due to day there are 11 riders participating in the race. The summit has nothing official to do with the race but it is a good time to arrange it while there are fatbikers coming here. This will be the first time i arrange something like this so it´s kind of an experiment for creating bigger events in the future.
The plan is to ride the ice to Sandön on Thursday and Hindersön on Friday. Here is a little story from our trip to Hindersön last winter. Saturday is race day and on Sunday we´re going up river to Aurora Safari Camp for some Ore trail riding and hill riding. The event is live on Facebook and will be updated on ongoing as we approach March. Check out the event on B.L.I.S.L:s Facebook. See ya in March 2015!


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Bothnia ice race and new trails

All of a sudden the seasonal trails start to wake up. Still no snow up here but cold weather allows the ice take control over our archipelago. It amazes me every year. How a whole new world gets easy access.

Soon we’ll be able to ride across the ice and hit new trails never ridden before. Sure i rode the ice last winter. But it’s never quite the same.


I went down to the south harbor to check it out this morning. I haven’t ride the fat bike for weeks but the Monstercross is quite nice to, as long as the snow waits. Also registrations for The Bothnia Race is now open. Lets just hope for tons of snow. Like last year there will be a fat bike class on the 60 km ice race between Piteå and Luleå. This is the first time Fat bikes are allowed on this race since last year was cancelled. To ride on the ice along the shore line is really something. Even if we weren’t able to race last year we did a lot of ice cycling. This sure is the fat bike dream ride.
Even if we are on the ice, its still covered in hard packed snow, ideal for fat tires. Last year we attracted riders from England and i´m pretty sure Kevin is coming back this year and hopefully bring some friends.
We´re in for a fun winter. Ice races, bike packing on the ice and your average fat bike fun in the snow.

Click here to register. You can choose your language on the registration site.


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The OMFG-meter just hit the sky, Bucksaw carbon baby!

Salsa cycles made my pants wet a few months ago when the introduced their full suspension fat bike, Bucksaw.
Just now when i was closing the shop for the day i received their latest news letter.

Presenting the Carbon Bucksaw.

The Bucksaw sure was a game changer in the fat bike world. But this… Just wow!

Quite pricey but i´d sure sell my soul to just try out one of these. And the color just wow.

Well done Salsa Cycles.


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Pre winter depression

I´ve bee lazy. No riding, no writing, no podcasting. All work and no play just like on the Overlock hotel.
October and November is just the worst time of year. It´s all a long wait for proper winter to arrive. We had some cold beautiful days with temperatures below freezing. Then when it starts snowing it gets warmer and the lovely white stuff is just a grey wet blob. Also its so dark when the snow is not here. It´s a pain in the ass to just wait for winter trails and the ice to freeze up so we can go ice riding in the archipelago. Inspiration for riding now is just gone. Still i got a lot of stuff going on and great plans for the winter. But i´ll get back to that i later posts.

One thing i´d sure like to do more this winter is ride the fat bike down hill more…


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Guest blogger at the Salsa Culture blog

I´m super proud to take part in Free Range October on the Salsa Cycles Culture blog as a quest blogger. Free range October is a one month of every day fresh content that goes hand in hand with their philosophy:
“At Salsa, we believe a sense of adventure makes life better. The bicycle can be so much more than just a bike; it’s a path to new places, new people, and amazing experiences.” Lots of amazing stories from across the globe.

In the late summer me and some friends had a micro adventure on one of the remote islands far out in our archipelago. Check out my story, just click on the image below.

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Rise of the planet of the Fat Bikes

About one year ago i wrote a post on how fat bikes was going to the masses. In my wildest dreams i could not think of the progress being made since then. Fat bikes are now a part of the bike scene. Riders and manufacturers has realised that fat tires are not just for sand or snow. Since the Rock Shox Bluto fork has arrived more and more fattys get front suspension as standard.
Salsa Cycles stepped up and made the first full suspension Fat Bike “Bucksaw” and declared that Fat bikes are mountain bikes. And now we see a lot of prototypes hitting the scene.

I also got a feeling that common people also starting to get a hang of it. Every body who runs fat bikes are use to turning heads and reactions like: “wow thats some big tires” “isn´t that heavy to ride around” “i´ve never seen anything like that before”
Now days i get more and more people saying: “oh, thats one of those fat bikes, they´re really cool”.
Still the bike community is split. But there will always be those who are against. But thats ok fat bikes are not for every one. But to say that it´s just a passing trend is just stupid.

But be warned, Fat Bike are addictive. Just check this Infographic form


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New episode out. #6 Rampage night

So me and The Lars had some big plans to record during Redbull Rampage. Did not work out so well. The Rampage is quite a thriller to watch. So it´s just two tired guys drinking beer and nagging on e-bikes and stuff.
Business as usual…

Clic on the pic to have a listen.

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Why bike pack? Two minutes that sums it all up.

“Cracking open a lake chilled beer and eating cheese”.
Mike “Kid” Reimer from Salsa Cycles sums it up in two minutes. Not just bike packing but mountain biking in general.

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´nuff said! has been doing these short films from Interbike in Las Vegas. Good stuff. This one is by far the best and most AWESOME!

In less then one minute Mountain bike icon Gary “the fish” Fisher defines what it´s all about!

And what an awesome suit!

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Big Mountain Weekend Edit – Part Three

So i finally got together the last edit from our awesome weekend in Björkliden. This time i had the chance to try out Final Cut. Quite a upgrade from crappy imovie that i´ve been using for the other parts.

Any way, here it is.

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