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Finally the roads in the archipelago are open. Mondays amazing weather made me skip work and go out on the ice roads in the outer archipelago for the first time this winter. It has been really cold for a while and the ice has grown massive. How ever due to high water levels in the bay of bothnia water pushes up by the shores. So it can be a bit tricky to get out, at least by car. No problem with the fatty, i just dropped of the bridge in the marina.

The ice roads are huge and wide and make a few islands accessible, mainly the big ones with year around residents. If you want to go further out it´s the snowmobile trails.
My misson for the day was to check the status on these trails. We´re planning to get further out.

First stop was Hindersön about 10 kilometers out. Here there is no marina to climb so getting across this was not an option. When we go here we usually go around the island via a canal to get to the café Jopik Gården. How ever the water level once again made it quite hard.


I went a bit up the canal but the first ice layer was quite thin and i didn’t wanna get wet. i would probably have made it. But it was a long way home and i had no extra clothes. It is just water above the ice so absolutely no risk of going through all the way. But you still get wet.

I decided to go back  and head out to Storbrändön wish also is conceded to the big ice road. It´s quite a distance but the view is stunning. The white frozen sea almost seams endless. There are not so much snowmobile traffic yet so the trails are not quite ready to ride fat bike on just yet.

Surprisingly  the road up on Storbrändön was frozen and it was easy as pie to take a spin on the island. This is where i was taken on my bachelor party last summer. The guys borrowed a house form a friend and we spent a wet weekend here.

It is quite hard to believe this is the same place separated by seven months. I love the contrasts of the seasons here.


I checked out the trails to Småskär, were we´re heading in a few weeks when Kevin arrives. Same here, a bit too early to ride but the trails are there and marked so just a few more days of cold weather and we are ready to go.



Today was a good day and the spring winter is going to be amazing. We had a few crappy winters the last two years so this is very welcome.

Now time to ride back home in the most beautiful place i know. Stoked to actually live here.


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The Oddiy upgrade

Sometimes you just fall in love and there is just nothing you can do about it. I did and now i cant think of anything else.

I don’t really remember when i saw the wonderful works of Burnsey at Oddity Cycles. Pretty sure it was on Instagram at Endlesbikegirl or Taddihogg. They both run beautiful Oddity bikes. These frames are hand made in Colorado and is the most beautiful, badass mountainbikes i have ever seen. My dream has always been to have a custom frame and if it happens one day it will be one of these.

And Yes! They make fat bikes.

Check this beauty out!

Morning tracks… #biggrin #odditycycles

A photo posted by Oddity Cycles (@oddity_cycles) on

Oddity don’t just make frames. They make the coolest handlebars and forks too.

The Razorbar really caught my attention. Razorbars are old school klunker inspired mountainbike bars in titanium or steel. I just love the look and you get to choose rise, backsweep and width, after all they are custom. I shot Sean an email and wadda ya know! The ship world wide.

I think i have had four of five differet bars on the Mukluk and i have never been completely satisfied. The Razorbars looked spot on.

After a few conversations over email it was a go. I decided to go for 800 mm width with 8° backsweep in steel. My hart screamed TITANIUM but my wallet said; hahahahaha… Yeah riiight, in your dreams buddy.
So steel it is. Not the lightest but i mostly ride my bike. Not carrying it around.

And now a couple of weeks later The White Queen got here new crown. Stunning finnish and feels amazing. I’ve only ride to work yet but first impression is: On my god i love it!



 One day i´ll sell all my bikes and go all in to build up my dream ride. There will most definitely be Oddity parts on it if not i´ll go for a complete frame. Thank you internet for making the world smaller. This would not be possible with out you. Me shopping bike parts from a small custom frame builder across the globe.

And thank you Sean for making dreams come alive with your amazing craftsmanship and excellent service. You sir are a really nice guy but then again you are a cyclist.





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January K.O

January use to kick off the winter and ice riding season . But this year was a set back. First of all it´s been cold, and i mean really cold. We had temperatures between -20 and -30- degrees Celsius. It´s good fun to take a little spin every now and then. But in the long run it´s more pain than fun. On top of that the whole family has been knocked out by stomach flu the last eight days. On by one were going down, me last. 

 But now it´s getting warmer and i can´t wait to get out again. 

Bikepacking plans are in the works and the Mukluk is getting an awesome upgrade. More on that later this weekend. 

This kind of cold is really good for the ice conditions. It looks like we’re going to ride far out in the outer archipelago this winter. 

But this weekend is all about making the fat bike even more awesome.


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2015, Eleven pics and a clip

Might as well sum up last year in photos.

So here it is. Month by month…



Nothing´s like the first ice ride




Got a test bike from MAXX for




Got visitors from abroad




Built a new bike








Midsummer midnight ride




Got married YEAY!


Photo Nicke Johansson



Went for a swim




Went to Björkliden




Went to for a ride on Bälingeberget




Converted to tubeless




Got 912 likes on Look at my bike leaning at stuff on FB

Thanks for reading my blog.

Lots of love and a happy new 2016!

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Guest post: Why fat bikes are awesome. By Kevin Hodgson

My British fat bike buddy Kevin tells it like it is in a post at Fatbike UK. Very spot on and with his permission, here it is.

 Kevin and me taking five at Rallarveijen, Norway. Photo Fredrik Broman


Singletrack USA is posing the question of whether fatbikes are the best innovation in mountain biking since mountain bikes. Obviously this was responded by narrow minded comments from people who’ve never ridden one. But hey, what do you expect, it’s social media afterall.


This is what I think and why.

YES. I’ve been mountain biking since 1989 and my fatbikes are my best bikes since my first mtb.

1. They’re simple. But still capable. Single speed full rigid 26ers were simple, but unless you could ride like a God, weren’t very useful (or comfortable) for mortals. My fatbikes are simple but still ride trails I’d never conquered in 25 years of trying. 4 sets of bearings, some cogs and a chain to worry about. Mine has sat in the back of my car since Monday, chain caked in dried mud. Off to Innerleithen tomorrow, when I get there nail brush and squirt lube it’ll be ready to go again.

2. The map is bigger. My map used to involve bridleways. Now it involves dunes estuary beach bridleways mountains and any combination of the above. Sometimes it even includes dry river beds and lakeshores. With a giant low pressure footprint no one seems to care about me trespassing anymore either.
3. Less weather related excuses. Skinny mtbs are designed for riding gravel singletrack. They ride gravel singletrack beautifully. That’s why people love gravel singletrack. High Street, and many other lake district hills are not gravel singletrack. I used to ride high Street only after a long dry spell or freezing temperatures otherwise it was purgatory. Now I ride it whenever. I used to avoid certain trails in the wet, or leaf litter or frost etc etc. Now I just ride whatever whenever I feel like it.
4. They carry stuff. Full suspension bikes are awful for carrying stuff. The perceived wisdom was rucksack or trailer. Not helped by my extensive testing that proved that a full suspension bike can only survive an average of 4 days in the wild without a bike shop. Hardly conducive of hardcore adventures then.
5. They’re not that heavy. My full sus weighed 27lbs in full extreme race trim, 31lbs plus in trail trim. My lightest fatbike is 27lbs, my heaviest 31. When you have to push or carry bikes up mountains this matters. They also work much better once they’re up on that mountain than my xc suspension bike.
6. They’re not that slow. Sure they’re slow uphill on tarmac. But so is a long travel full suspension. And so are maxxis super tacky tyres which I ran for half the year. In fact maxxis super tacky tyres are without a doubt slower than my fatbikes. And offroad they’re as fast or faster than a skinny. And who ever boasted about their mountain bike being fast on tarmac?
7. Holidays. I tried xc skiing and I was rubbish. Now it doesn’t matter. I can visit yllas in Finland and fatbike to the ski cafes. I’ve ridden on snowmobile trails, ice skating trails, ice roads on the sea. I’ve ridden on Norwegian slick rock in the Arctic. Next up is desert and beach riding holidays. Oh, and I can still use it for normal mtb holidays!
8. Custom. Ever tried building your own full suspension bike from a frameset? Not easy, not cheap. The industry would prefer it if you bought a full bike. Not much offered as framesets and often just the super high end stuff. Then your rear shock goes and it says fox on the side but it’s actually oem just for that frame and cost 400 quid if you’re lucky enough to find one so you may as well buy another frameset, if you can find one of them…..blah blah. Fatbike? Buy the bits bolt em together. Get creative with the rim strips and why not get a custom paint job with the money you saved not having to service a rear shock every year.

Sorry for the long post. No work till January and feeling goooood.


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Ice premiere

Finally the unrideble time is over. Those “inbetween” season months when riding is not an option is over. This year the ice is late due to a warm autumn . But the last few days we went way below freezing and last night was -17 degrees Celcius. And finally the ice is ready to ride. This is the last week before winter solstice, the darkest time of year. We’re only 25 miles (metric) south of the arctic circle so the sun rises  at ten am and sets at one pm. I took the day off and did my first ice ride for the season. Since the ice is new i stuck to the shore lines. I’m guessing it will hold up but it’s safer to not go alone the first time.  

Still it feels great! This is the real season for fat biking. The days will get longer and I’m betting it’s going to be a great winter.


Long shadows even in the morning.  

I found my fathers old ice yacht. He built it by him self but mom sold it when he died a few years ago. Very nostalgic to see it again. These babys are fast.     


I had lunch with The Lars by the harbour and went out again around 12:30. But the sun sets pretty fast. Around one o’clock em it begins to set.  


 There is not much snow yet. It’s possible to ride almost everywhere. If we gets loads of it we’re  bound to the snowmobile trails.  
This may feel like a remote place but the truth is i can get here in 15 minutes from central Luleå. 


In a few weeks the outer archipelago will be frozen and i’ll be ready to ride it.



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Fat Camp #8 – getting ready for winter

Winter still is having a hard time to get a grip up here. Last weekend we finally had some snow but it rained away a few days later. This in-between season is killing me. Right now it is freezing up again and the ice is slowly building up. There is really nothing to do but browse the interwebs for inspiration. I tuned in to the last episode of´s awesome show Fat Camp. Ken and Andy sure knows there shit and if you are fat bike tech interested tune in. It´s a very, very good show.

In this episode the talk about how to get your fatty ready for winter riding. Lots of good stuff here.

Just click the link below.


Have a listen and get ready. Winter is coming!

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November rain

This time of year. There is just no room for inspiration to do anything. November is by far my hate month. The darkness of the winter is here but no snow. Just rain and fog. We were blessed with a stunning October with 140 sun hours. That´s more than July. It seamed like the winter was coming early with crispy cold sunny days. I managed to squeeze in a few rides. Autumn Swedish Lapland
Autumn Swedish Lapland

But now it´s just a mix of dark and grey. Well, well instead we painted the kids rooms and got some shit done back at our house.

I´m just waiting now, for winter. Can´t wait to get out on the frozen sea with the fat bike. This year i´ve promised myself to do a proper overnighter out on one of the islands far out in the archipelago. Also the Ore trail or Iron trail is on the to do list. If February shows her best side with loads of snow and cold temperatures i´d love to give it a shot.

Check out this article in Harrods Aviation UK.

And one more thing my white queen is getting a new crown. But i´ll get back to that later.

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Getto Tubeless Beist Master

Since my adventures on the MAXX Jagamoasta last winter i’ve been eager to go tubeless and fatter  on my Mukluk. 

The test bike was equipped with Schwalbe 4.8″ Jumbo Jims but they are very hard to come by. Also i guess they’re too big.

Instead i had my eyes on the 45nrth Dunderbeist. 4.6″ winter tires with massive tread pattern. Also avalible through my lbs since there is a new agent, Nordic Trade, for 45nrth in Sweden. 

My current tires. Vee-rubber Snow Shoes are totally worn out. I’m not at all pleased with their performance and they got loads of self steering and the tread pattern is pretty lame for snow. 

I gave Fredrik a visit on monday and three days later the Dunderbeist arrived. First impression were, they are massive!


Now time to go tubeless. I’ve never done that until i tryed gettotubless on the Instigator. Experimented on the rear wheel and it worked like a charm on the first try.

Should work on the fat bike too. Here is how i did it.

First i bought a pair of 24×4.0″ baby fat tubes from on-one. Need to have a smaller size on the tube compared to the rim.

Then just put it on the rim. No gorilla tape, just the regular rim strip under the tube.

Cut tube open like gutting a salmon. 

Spread it open and put on the tire.


Since i don’t have an air compressor (yet) i went to my lbs to steel some air and put in the tubeless fluid.

Air tight on the first atempt! Cut off the remaining tube. 

The chain line is very close to the tire when on biggest rear cog. We’ll see if it changes when the tire forms up after some riding. Then i might have to change the bottom bracket distances or move the chainring out. 

I did get a short spin. First impression, no self steering! Ok, i ran pretty high pressure but they felt really good. 

Also the look effing kick ass! 



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Fall by the shores – video edit

Last Tuesdays escape to beautiful Sandön.
I did bring the GoPro cameras with me and i finally edited all together.

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