Fat Camp #8 – getting ready for winter

Winter still is having a hard time to get a grip up here. Last weekend we finally had some snow but it rained away a few days later. This in-between season is killing me. Right now it is freezing up again and the ice is slowly building up. There is really nothing to do but browse the interwebs for inspiration. I tuned in to the last episode of Fat-bike.com´s awesome show Fat Camp. Ken and Andy sure knows there shit and if you are fat bike tech interested tune in. It´s a very, very good show.

In this episode the talk about how to get your fatty ready for winter riding. Lots of good stuff here.

Just click the link below.



Have a listen and get ready. Winter is coming!

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November rain

This time of year. There is just no room for inspiration to do anything. November is by far my hate month. The darkness of the winter is here but no snow. Just rain and fog. We were blessed with a stunning October with 140 sun hours. That´s more than July. It seamed like the winter was coming early with crispy cold sunny days. I managed to squeeze in a few rides. Autumn Swedish Lapland
Autumn Swedish Lapland

But now it´s just a mix of dark and grey. Well, well instead we painted the kids rooms and got some shit done back at our house.

I´m just waiting now, for winter. Can´t wait to get out on the frozen sea with the fat bike. This year i´ve promised myself to do a proper overnighter out on one of the islands far out in the archipelago. Also the Ore trail or Iron trail is on the to do list. If February shows her best side with loads of snow and cold temperatures i´d love to give it a shot.

Check out this article in Harrods Aviation UK.

And one more thing my white queen is getting a new crown. But i´ll get back to that later.

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Getto Tubeless Beist Master

Since my adventures on the MAXX Jagamoasta last winter i’ve been eager to go tubeless and fatter  on my Mukluk. 

The test bike was equipped with Schwalbe 4.8″ Jumbo Jims but they are very hard to come by. Also i guess they’re too big.

Instead i had my eyes on the 45nrth Dunderbeist. 4.6″ winter tires with massive tread pattern. Also avalible through my lbs since there is a new agent, Nordic Trade, for 45nrth in Sweden. 

My current tires. Vee-rubber Snow Shoes are totally worn out. I’m not at all pleased with their performance and they got loads of self steering and the tread pattern is pretty lame for snow. 

I gave Fredrik a visit on monday and three days later the Dunderbeist arrived. First impression were, they are massive!


Now time to go tubeless. I’ve never done that until i tryed gettotubless on the Instigator. Experimented on the rear wheel and it worked like a charm on the first try.

Should work on the fat bike too. Here is how i did it.

First i bought a pair of 24×4.0″ baby fat tubes from on-one. Need to have a smaller size on the tube compared to the rim.

Then just put it on the rim. No gorilla tape, just the regular rim strip under the tube.

Cut tube open like gutting a salmon. 

Spread it open and put on the tire.


Since i don’t have an air compressor (yet) i went to my lbs to steel some air and put in the tubeless fluid.

Air tight on the first atempt! Cut off the remaining tube. 

The chain line is very close to the tire when on biggest rear cog. We’ll see if it changes when the tire forms up after some riding. Then i might have to change the bottom bracket distances or move the chainring out. 

I did get a short spin. First impression, no self steering! Ok, i ran pretty high pressure but they felt really good. 

Also the look effing kick ass! 



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Fall by the shores – video edit

Last Tuesdays escape to beautiful Sandön.
I did bring the GoPro cameras with me and i finally edited all together.

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Fall by the shores

After a crappy summer with loads of rain and damp weather the fall is stepping up to make every thing all right again. As the weather forecast kept showing more lovely days i decided to take a day off to go on a last ride to Sandön. We been riding here a few times the last years and it is really something else. To get to the island i need to pass a small canal. Luckily my fat bike friend Anders have a cabin on the island and a boat for crossing.
It is a short drive to the canal and even if it was nice weather i had no idea how this day would turn out. How ever, being greeted by dead calm sea and a crispy sun made me guess this was going to be pretty nice.

This is the shore on the land side.

I loaded the Mukluk on to the little boat and rowed over. Since it´s called Sandön (Sand island) fat bike is the weapon of choice here. This island is sand all over.


This time around i was going to check out the south side. Earlier rides have been focused on the east and north side. I know there are some shores here but had no idea if they were possible to access.
Turns out the were. The south side of Sandön have lots of summer cabins along the sandy shores. I was able to ride almost all the way but had to go through water some times.


I don´t know what it is about fall that makes me wanna go out and explore.
Perhaps it´s the calm, not so many people out and the very specific light this time of year.

I was a bit worried to disturb the locals. Sure we got The right of public access but there might be some people getting annoyed when passing their land along the shore. This time of year most of the summer houses are empty during the weeks. An older lady came out to me while i was passing her place. As always the fat tires are and ice breaker and she offered me a cup of coffee. How ever i had to rush along if i was going to make it before picking up the kids from school.

Along one of the bigger bays there are old drift wood benches. They are facing over the sea and the view over the bay of Bothnia is just stunning. This is were i have my coffee.

I still got much of this place un-explored. Besides the shore line the forest is covered in trails. Still i really love riding the sand shores, summer and winter.
The last few days we had some cold nights and temperature has dropped below freezing reminding us of whats to come. I hit a few spots where there were some ice on the surface. I can´t wait til it freezes up properly. Then i will do the same ride again, but in totally different conditions. This is one of the things that makes me love living up here. The contrasts between season are just amazing.

I did brought my GoPros and shot some video. There will be a short edit up soon. I think i got some nice shots this was after all the most beautiful day so far this year.


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The tiny escape

Sometimes you need to pull the eject lever. Leave work early, pic up the fat bike and disappear for a few hours. Monday was one of those days. I managed to leave work after lunch. This left me a three hour gap until picking up the kids after school. 

A few kilometers outside town there is a small nature preserve. This place is a classic spot for school trips. I’ve been here loads of times when i was a kid. But now it’s been about 20 years since last time. Now was a perfect moment to re-visit. 

Bälingeberget is not a huge mountain. 139 meters over sea level but still a very beautiful place. A short climb and i reach the amazing boulder fields. 

These trails are fat bikes only. 😅 

The backside of the mountain is so quiet. Only a 15 minute drive from central Luleå and still it feels like being in the middle of nowhere.

This autumn continues to impress with stunning weather. I had to drop my shirts and rode the rest of the day in just a tank top. Coffee and a chocolate bar in the quiet hillside and i was good to go back. The trail goes around the mountain and is just 2 kilometers. 


To be able to go on a short trail for a few hours and feel like being away on a big adventure is really cool. And very satisfying for the soul. 


After passing the boulder fields again there is a beautiful trail through the old forest.  


This micro adventure lasted for two hours. I even managed to squeeze in a cup of coffee with my lovely wife before picking up the clones. Life is good.

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Instigatin´on the Snake Trail

Since we got the bike club going loads of stuff has been going on at the local trails. Our trail boss Robert made a awesome trial on the local little ski slope. Not the highest peak in the area but sweet conditions for mountain biking. The area has miles of run and Nordic ski trails. The trail is very durable and possible to rip hard with an enduro bike or race and roll with a cross-country bike. I took the Instigator for a spin yesterday and tried my best to look cool. The main purpose with the edit is to show the course.

Need to practice on those jumps…

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Bike Summit sum up

A few days in to reality i dream back to our awesome weekend in Björkliden.
Since i´m only been doing the vlogg. Here is a little sum up for the weekend. We´ve been riding up here for a couple of years now. Björkliden is located about 250 km north of the arctic circle and is a hiking and ski resort close to the Norwegian border. Cycling up here is not that common and they don´t promote it as the mountain bike paradise it is. When staying in Björkliden you are very close to the tree line and they got a great hotel and both simple huts and more luxury timer cabins. Since we were quite a gang this year we booked one of the later ones. 10 bed two floor timber cabin with sauna and Jacuzzi out on the deck.

We, thats Me, The Lars, Fredrik the photographer and Andreas the notorious fisherman arrived Thursday night after a five hour drive from Luleå by the coast of Bothina.

Before dinner some of us went down to the silver fall, a ten minute ride down to Torneträsk the big lake below Björkliden. Here a little stream falls down to the lake in a stunning waterfall.  We took five and had the weekends first beer. Good times.

During the evening more riders dropped in and we started to plan tomorrows ride down to Rombak fjord in Norway.

This is a 25 km downhill singletrack along the old support trail for the railroad.

NotIMG_1067 that technical but the beauty of the landscape in Norway is pretty amazing. On this ride we go across all the zones of a big mountain. Naked rock plains, single track in low vegetation, steep hillsides along canyons and through beautiful forest before reaching the fjord. Loads of waterfalls, river crossings and fast down hill trails bending in hairpins.

Since we´re lacy and saving the legs for the climb to Låktatjåkka mountain station tomorrow we took a boat across the fjord and were picked up by Fredrik and my beautiful wife Jessica and went back by car.

Saturday, the weather had gone from not so good to worse. Heavy rain in the morning and fog up on the mountains and there is were we are going.  Låktatjåkka is thr highest located mountain station in Sweden 1240 meters above sea level. It´s a 10.5 kilometer ride but the vertical climb is 900 meters so that is quite a climb.  Need i say that the decent is pretty damn awesome. By the time we were ready to ride the rain had stopped and the fog had moved a bit up.

We began the challenging climb and after a few kilometers we hit the fog. Not so heavy that we could not go on but still a shame because we missed out on the big mountain scenery. How ever riding in fog can be pretty cool too.

Hiking a bike up hill is hard work but arriving at Låktatjåkka mountain station is well worth the climb. Just imagine push biking for three hours and all of a sudden being able to buy a cold IPA and having a waffle in the middle of nowhere.

There is also an option to stay the night and have a gourmet dinner. We stayed for two hours resting our legs and filling our energy depots before hitting the decent. One of the best i´ve ever ridden. 10 kilometers down hill through snow fields, technical drops and super fast single track.  When we were getting closer to the valley the fog started to fade and we could see the Torneträsk again.

Coming back to the cabin were the Jacuzzi was heated and the beer was cold made an awesome day even better.

Sunday were approaching and we were heading home. But first a ride to Rissajaure (Trollsjön). After packing up our gear and checking out from our luxury cabin  we went by car 20 kilometers up north. The trail to Rissajaure starts by the railway and head up a very technical trail through a canyon. Huge boulder from the side walls has fallen down and created a almost moon like landscape. This was my first ride to Rissajaure but surly not my last. Only about 5 kilometers but quite challenging. Not like yesterday but still pretty hard. I thought it would be impossible to ride down but it turned out the Fat bike is the right weapon of choice for adventures like this.

I was super happy to have my lovely wife Jessica with me on this trip. She is not a cyclist (yet) and we rarely get to go on trips like this together. But this weekend we managed to get my sister to watch the kids. Jessica was hanging out in the cabin with our friend Emma and they were out hiking while we went riding. But on the trip to Rissajaure she joined us and took some pretty lovely pictures. So here are some where i´m actually riding by fat bike and just not taking pictures of it.

The canyon at Rissajaure is stunning.
  Trollsjön is the lake in whole of Europe with the clearest water.

We’re starting the decent.

We were twelve riders during this weekend. Four of us were riding fat bikes. I must say that is the perfect bike for these conditions. Lots of climbing with boulders and rocks. My first year riding here i was riding my skinny bike, all mountain fs Specialized but i go faster both up and down on my Salsa Mukluk. How ever a suspension fork would have been great. When going fast down hill the fat bike might get a bit bouncy and the steep head angle makes for some scary moments when it´s steep. The ultimate bike would be the Salsa Bucksaw but i bet a Surly Wednesday would be pretty awesome.

Still, one of the fastest rider this weekend was Sven. He is on a first generation Pugsly so as always, it is not all about the bike. It´s all about who rides it. We sure will come back next year and hoping that we can offer package trips form riders all over the world. As the Swedish Lapland Bike Summit wants to grow to a international event.

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Video Logg, final day

We’re ending our weekend by going up to Rissajaure. A beautiful lake up a pass. 

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Video Logg day three

Today we went to Swedens highest located mountain station. Låktatjåkka, 1289 meters above sea level. A 10 kilometer ride with vertical elevation of 900 meters. Heavy climb and amazing decent. 


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