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Stay frosty

The plan for the weekend was to take a longer ride to one of the islands in the archipelago. Jopik Gården at Hindersön got a great café with awesome waffles. But mother nature had other plans for us. Temperature dropped to around -30°C today and going out on a 40 km ride on the ice… Continue reading Stay frosty

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Small adventures also count

It´s the small day to day things that makes the difference. Sure to plan the long adventures and ride them is fantastic. But it´s the time in between that you need to fill with pleasure. Todays micro adventure was an short morning ride with the fat bike around the ice road. Luleå is a town… Continue reading Small adventures also count

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Fat biking + skiing = win/win

We had to flee away from the dull rainy days by the coast. Just 15 kilometers up country there is this small ski resort called Kåbdalis. It´s one of the resorts in Sweden that opens first in the season. Lots of alpine teams have their pre-season camps here before the world cup begins. I got… Continue reading Fat biking + skiing = win/win

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A little bit like Hoth

We are having quite a rough start on the winter out by the coast of Swedish Lapland. A few days of cold weather and then temperature goes up and the snow turns to rain. When it goes cold again the whole world is covered in ice... This has been going on for weeks now and… Continue reading A little bit like Hoth

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Happy Global fat bike day

7 december 2013 is global fat bike day. Fat bikers across the world unite and ride in peace. I'm off to work. The backside of running your own shop in christmas times. No saturdays off. But at least i got to ride the Muk' to work. I hope you all have a good day and… Continue reading Happy Global fat bike day

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Park life

First indoor park training thursday i done. Oh my god this is fun. Can´t understand why i had to wait my whole life before trying this. This will be a weekly tradition for the whole winter. Can´t wait to upgrade to the new frame and sus´fork. My wrists are pretty sour today. Didn´t have time… Continue reading Park life

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Autumn on pause.

It really looked good there for a while. Beautiful sunny days, a few centimeters of snow and temperatures below zero. The ices started to build up and it really felt like the winter was on its way. Then, the rain and warm winds came back. My cold, that´s been stuck on my lungs got worse… Continue reading Autumn on pause.

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Fat Video Tuesday & bad market evaluation.

Last week Fat-bike.com contacted me and asked if they could post my Fat bike fun video as their Fat Video Tuesday flick. I got to say that i am mighty proud. =) (click on the pic and go to fat-bike.com) I know that i´ve been ranting about Fat-bike.com in the last posts. But they are… Continue reading Fat Video Tuesday & bad market evaluation.

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Spreading the love…

So, i decided to try out a Facebook page for the blog. I´m a frequent FB user and i kind of spam my non-cyclist friends news feed with cycling stuff. Now i will try to separate them... Since i started up the blog the cycling community has gone global for me. It´s kind of nice… Continue reading Spreading the love…


Multi mellow Sunday.

Had quite a nice day today. Saturday me and Jess hit the town. Celebrating a friends birthday with fine dining, drinks and more drinks... That resulting in a bit slow sunday morning. Around noon Petra texted me and wanted to go for a ride. But of course Petra! We headed out on an 35 km… Continue reading Multi mellow Sunday.